where lgbtq families + care providers find care, give care, & create community

LGBTQ+ Families & Seniors Deserve affirming CarE


unicorn Families is where LGBTQ families + care Providers find Community & Care

Unicorn Families is a membership network of care providers, LGBTQ+ parents, families, elders and those needing or providing affirming care. UnicornFamilies is also a publicly available directory of care providers and a private membership network where folks needing care can connect with providers and community. UnicornFamilies.com will function as a private care membership network, a publicly available resource database of care providers and other related resources, and as a community hosting digital and in-person opportunities for learning and advocacy. We believe that the growing number of LGBTQ families and LGBTQ elders needs a private, safe space to find care.

In the next 10 years an estimated 3.8 million LGBTQ adults plan to start a family, joining the 35% of LGBTQ adults who identify as parents and their 11 million children. It is also been estimated that number of LGBTQ seniors will double to 4 million by 2030. Despite this rise in visibility, LGBTQ parents and seniors report experiencing discrimination in all areas of public life and are less likely to depend on support from their families of origin for personal caregiving. These communities are in desperate need of affirming, affordable home care.

Unicorn Families will fully launch in 2019, please sign up for the waitlist at the button above. In the meantime, you can also request to our private Facebook community group here


Help Fund our launch

Unicorn Families is a community of carers committed to an affirming, intersectional approach to caring for diverse families and communities. We are raising money to launch an online membership community for care workers & diverse families to find care and give care. UnicornFamilies.com will be a free, private membership platform where families needing care and care workers providing care connect, collaborate, & organize. We’re hoping to develop a registry of affirming home and center based day cares for lgbtq families to review. With your support for our launch, Unicorn Families can continue to grow as a community and cement a bridge between LGBTQ+ parents and domestic care workers.

We are planning a private community launch in Fall 2019 and are currently in the process of finalizing our mission and services. Our biggest barrier is lack of startup capital in order to get off the ground, build our website membership portal, and start the process of financially and legally formalization. We are very well networked but have reached the capacity of self-funding by our founders, who are care workers, and parents volunteering their time & resources.