About Us


WhAt Is A Unicorn Family?

Unicorn Families are any adult carers participating in an intersectional, collaborative approach to caring for children and families. Unicorn Families is a community built by LGBTQ+ parents, care workers, and other unicorns involved an intersectional, affirming approach to engaging with kids and families! We aim to amplify the unique ways queer parents and their care workers divide and arrange their caregiving roles and relationships. For too long both queer family life and the work of caregivers has remained a hidden and stigmatized experience.  

Parents and care workers are able to thrive despite all of the factors against them. Our research identified that often care workers and parents with collaborative relationships work together to get through life. Families thrive when parents are not threatened by the relationships they have with kids in their care. Care workers thrive when parents value their contributions and work to understand the lived experiences of their family’s caregivers.

What Does Unicornfamilies.com do?

Unicorn Families is a a space to advocate for those who do the caring for LGBTQ families. By supporting caregivers and parents with content & programming encouraging communication between everyone involved in unicorn family life, we can challenge the stigma parents, kids, and domestic workers in these families face outside their home. Our work contributes a much needed gathering place for our country’s most resilient families and care workers who have often been forgotten.

With support for our national launch, Unicorn Families will continue to grow as a community and cement a bridge between LGBTQ+ parents and domestic care workers.

Why Now?

LGBTQ American are starting families at rapidly increasing rates despite rising hate crimes and frequent discrimination and policy barriers. Simultaneously early childcare workers face increasing demand and exposure to marginalization and persistent stigmatization. Social policy experts have identified this as a global crisis of care and shown that family-work conflict can have a major influence on family and worker wellbeing. For decades conversations about domestic work has largely focused on the relationships between wealthy heterosexual cisgender women employers and the care workers or ‘nannies’ working with their family.

Far too many children in LGBTQ families and their caregivers lack access to resources and the language to talk about their unique needs and lived experience. Unicorn Families was born out of this gap in scholarship and in social movement organizing for LGBTQ families and domestic workers.  This a huge culture shift and we need to create space designed for parents, nannies, care workers all unicorns in the village to collaborate and lift each other up!

Why Us?

Unicorn Families was born out of founder Kate Hinchey-Wise’s 20 years of experience as a queer care worker and her published MSc research on the experiences and relationships of LGBTQ parents and home-based care workers. This research was the first of it’s kind and focused on empowering families and caregivers.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us directly and please share Unicorn Families with your loved ones & community!